Saturday, March 25, 2023 – ” Bonus Pastor” – Rome

Solemnity of the Annunciation

This is the first exploratory event of our Foundation, which was established exactly one year ago on March 25, 2022 at the Notary and our friend Paride Marini Elisei, present today with his wife Adriana.

The IRIS-3 Foundation stands among the Entities of the Third Sector (ETS precisely), is headquartered in Rome and was established on March 25, 2022, the Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord, in light of the values of the Church’s Magisterium, particularly that of St. John Paul II on life and the family.

All of this is present in the deed of incorporation.

Given the extraordinary importance of this spiritual reality, we have founded a Scientific Research Institute to investigate its reality and its scientific demonstrability, overcoming those materialist, economist, atheist as well as spiritualist and spiritist tendencies that deface its essence and manipulate it to other ends.

This is why the Foundation IRIS-3 International Research Institute on the Human Soul was established. The number 3 stands for the human soul, created by the Triune God in His “image and likeness” and therefore immortal to become God’s “glory” and eternal bliss.

Getting to the establishment of the Foundation was a long and laborious process, but we always felt the drive and encouragement to proceed, even when it seemed impossible. In fact, a Foundation such as this, which aims to demonstrate how all human disciplines could not subsist without our spiritual dimension, had never been seen in the Third Sector…a real revolution!

So, as you will then have a chance to understand as this event unfolds, we will go beyond just a confrontation between science and faith, which has always been taking place, but we will present a quest that goes into the depths of the human being and connects this depth, its spiritual dimension, to the whole reality in which it is found.

We, the members of the Foundation, have already received much starting from Fr. Stefano’s inspiration, to the prayer that accompanied us along the course of the Foundation’s structuring, to its recognition.

We thought with Fr. Stefano: how do we celebrate and thank the Lord for these great gifts received in these past years and especially on the anniversary date of its recognition? Let’s make it known and share it!

Let’s hold an open event for those who want to get to know us and want to support us in any way (financially, by providing expertise, by sharing ideas), because we believe that if we are all in this venue today it is because we feel a commonality to cultivate and through which to develop a project together.