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The iris-3 Foundation


The “International Research Institute on the Human Spirit” complies with the principles and legal framework of the foundation of the Third Sector.

The Foundation gathers the contribution of volunteers, from different professional and social backgrounds, who recognize the importance of a theoretical and experimental research on the dimension of the Human Spirit.

The Foundation was established on 25 March 2022 and has its seat in the territory of the Municipality of Rome, and intends to work on the basis of the Magisterium of the Supreme Pontiffs, in particular that of St John Paul II in reference to life and family.


The aim of the Foundation is the promotion, defense and full development of the human person, in his/her personal and social dimension, as constitutionally guaranteed universal principles.

Its purpose is the theoretical and experimental research on the spiritual reality that constitutes the human being, meant as a created spiritual soul, the foundation of human life.

It also pursues its objectives through services and interventions that offer paths of life aimed at promoting the expression of man’s fundamental right to the affirmation of his spiritual and religious dimension.


The reality of the existence of the soul defines for every human being his/her greatest dignity and beauty and his/her right to freedom, not least to religious freedom.

  • This reality is revealed in man in his need for transcendence, in the search for the Absolute and in the dialogue with God, in the conquest of truth and happiness;
  • it is expressed in free creativity, in the higher capacity of human thought and love to the point of seeking the true meaning of human living and procreation;
  • it manifests itself in the expression of art, music and culture;
  • in human capacity for relationality;
  • in the intelligence of scientific research and technology;
  • in the tension toward development and the use of resources while respecting creation.

Given the extraordinary importance of this spiritual reality, motor and mysterious energy of human life,

we have founded an Institute of Scientific Research to investigate its reality and scientific demonstrability, overcoming those materialistic, economicist, atheistic as well as spiritualist and spiritist tendencies, which disfigure its essence and manipulate it for other purposes.

That is why the International Institute for Research on Human Soul, IRIS-3, has been created.

The number 3 stands for the human soul, created by God One and Trine in his “image and likeness”, and therefore immortal to become “glory” of God and eternal bliss.

We want to do Research

Descend deeply into the human being

Knowing our true reality and its fundamental aspects

An ambitious journey that starts from different fields of knowledge

Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Economics, Psychology and comes to touch our Soul